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Coming Out of the Woodwork

April 4, 2016. Founders Luke Fasano and Adam Johnson really hit the nail on the head with their ever evolving collection of furniture designed, sourced and built locally from their studio in Williamsburg, which includes a full in-house wood shop and welding studio.

So a baker walks into a bar…

April 1, 2016. It's here — the next episode of "My Two Cents" with Butter & Scotch, founded by two drunken bakers armed with sprinkles and whiskey. Crown Heights never tasted so good!

Brennan Buzz

February 2, 2016. Did you see us in the news? Not to brag but, 2015 #1 HIGHEST SALE PRICE FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION TOWNHOMES! We're getting more press than Donald Trump. We've broken several records on the Brooklyn real estate scene. Could your property be the next BIG DEAL?

We’re getting more press than Donald Trump

January 29, 2016. Brennan Marketing & Sales set multiple records in 2015. With only six solid years in the brokerage business, our team has time and time again proven that (brokerage) size does not matter— with Brennan, you get local knowledge, with global reach.

Seller’s Expectations

November 18, 2015. The real estate market has not only rebounded, it is stronger and more vibrant than ever.

The 6 Best DIY Tips to Prep Your Home for Sale

September 11, 2015. If you’re hoping to sell in the next year, it’s best to put your money towards small changes that have a big impact. Here are the six best DIY tips to prep your home before selling.

Finding Value in Today’s Market

August 18, 2015. The key to your dream home is finding value in today's market.

Eric Adams on the East New York Renaissance

July 30, 2015. For decades, East New York, Brooklyn was associated with crime and abandonment, but is now poised to undergo a renaissance.

5 Seller Tips – Sell faster, and for more money, in 2015

July 17, 2015. These great tips can help you get the results you want: to sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time.

Toren, #1407 – In Contract!

June 9, 2015. After acquiring the exclusive listing for Toren, unit 1407, agent Tiffany Lee received multiple offers and the listing quickly moved to highest and best within a couple months.

Brennan’s Season 2 Premiere on PIX 11’s Design Recipes!

June 5, 2015. It’s here! Watch our Season 2 Premiere on PIX 11’s Design Recipes with celebrity interior designer Cathy Hobbs.

The 2015 Komera Global Run in Brooklyn

May 13, 2015. Join us June 14th in supporting a great cause – the 2015 Komera Global Run in Brooklyn!

Tips for Buying a New Construction Property

February 25, 2015. Our very own Donald Brennan offers tips on Cathy Hobbs’ Design Recipes about buying a new construction property.

Recently Closed – 15 Willow Street, featured in the New York Times!

October 3, 2014. 15 Willow Street closed on June 19th at $4,810,000, or $1,000 per sq ft. – $560,000 above asking.

Greening Your Building

September 17, 2014. Get some helpful recommendations to take advantage of greening programs.

Strong Place Townhomes Nearing Completion

August 24, 2014. Townhomes at 2 and 4 Strong Place, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, are nearing completion.

Polishing Up Our Brand and Image – Step One

July 21, 2014. We have recently undertaken the task of updating our brand and image – take a look at our new logo and leave-behind brochure.

Think With Your Head, Not Your Heart

June 17, 2014. Real estate can become entangled and inseparable from your own life if you make decisions with your heart and not your head.