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All property types face their own nuanced and specific challenges. At Brennan Property Management, our extensive experience, attention to detail, and innovative technology provide us the unique and necessary skills to tackle any challenge.

From the top floor to the bottom line. Since 1996, Brennan Real Estate has been managing, operating, developing and brokering properties across New York City. We believe that Property Managers must not merely be proficient in, but rather excel in all aspects of management. Brennan uses in-depth knowledge of every vertical within the real estate space to leverage the best for our clients in all facets of their real estate needs.

Our Approach. We approach management with a focus on people and process. We believe the key to success is timely, organized, and comprehensive response. Identifying the problem, however, is only the beginning. Our true strength lies in developing and managing organized and actionable solutions. Our brand is synonymous with quality, and our projects consistently exceed expectations, setting a standard that others aspire to but seldom achieve.

Our Services. Brennan Property Management was originally founded to manage our own portfolio of properties. As such, we truly understand what it means to think and act like owners. We know that all buildings are different and come with their own unique set of problems. We offer custom service suites to suit the needs of all owner types, and the preferences of all individual owners.

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