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At BRENNAN we take pride in EVERYTHING Brooklyn. Most of our real estate agents do not only live here, they are also actively involved in and in tune with what’s happening in our borough.


Last minute shopping for the holidays? Here’s a tip!

Barbara Wilding has been a real estate salesperson with us for over 3 years! She is also the President of the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange, a non-profit craft and gift shop that started in 1854 by Brooklyn women who needed a supplemental income-generating craft during the civil war. Over a century later, the organization works to support independent craftspeople, both men and women, in Brooklyn and beyond. We recently sat down with Barbara to learn more about why this organization is dear to her heart. In her own words:

What is the mission of the organization?
Located in the heart of the beautiful historic neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange – founded in 1854 – sells unique knits, greeting cards, children’s clothes, toys, gifts and more, lovingly handcrafted by local artisans. Of every dollar spent on a handcrafted item, 70 cents goes directly to the crafter.

How did you get involved?
I’ve lived in Brooklyn Heights and have shopped at the store as a customer. I knew it was a special place, and a way to support my community. With a newborn baby and toddler at the time, this became a home away from home. A place where I could discover things about myself, and my community.

Why is this role important to you?
I value the time we [BWE] spend furthering our mission and working for our crafters, but the friendships I’ve developed with our volunteers are truly priceless. We are welcoming to a varied group of wonderful entrepreneurs and businesswomen who all bring something special to the group.

unknownBarbara has been a zealous and devoted team member not only to the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange, but to Brennan as well. BRENNAN prides itself in being a supporter of ANY AND EVERYTHING BROOKLYN. Please support Barbara and her efforts to amplify the importance of community. Shop small business today, and every day.

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