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Think With Your Head, Not Your Heart

Real estate can become entangled and inseparable from your own life if you make decisions with your heart and not your head. We see this on occasion in our brokerage business when clients don’t take our advice, which is based on market expectations, and instead insist on doing things their way. The end result – their heart leads them down a path that the marketplace will usually not follow.

We certainly believe that every owner is entitled to benefit wholly and directly from the appreciation of their asset and the majority of the time (like 99.9% of the time) we significantly exceed our client’s expectations. But on those rare 0.1% occasions, we are not able to deliver what may be expected because our client asks for something the market is unable to deliver.  And while we excel at holding hands and guiding our clients toward that glowing distant light we cannot overcome what the market expects. We don’t tell the market how to act, we just observe, take notes and offer strategies and plans that work within market parameters.  Unless you do it for a living, and immerse yourself in it every day, it is hard to understand that the marketplace is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and follows its head, not its heart.

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