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3 Tips to Heighten Curb Appeal without Breaking the Bank


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When prospective buyers walk up to your house, curb appeal is your first impression so make your home shine. Many times, sellers don’t want to invest a lot of money into a property they are listing, however, a few quick, inexpensive fixes can be what you need to garner interest.


Paint, or replace your front door.

The door is literally the point of welcome for a house, it is one of the first things a person notices as they find the address and walk up to your home. Not only does this give your home a finished look, if gives your buyer the idea that this is a property they could take pride in. Make sure your door is freshly painted, or if need be, replaced. If you have shutters, this is a good time to freshen them up as well. Choose a color that is not only inviting, but that also complements your home.


Spruce it up with flowers!

Home Stagers often place fresh flowers or greenery to liven up the inside of a home. Why not do the same on the outside of the house? If you have window boxes, fill them with seasonal flowers and plants. It is a very inexpensive way to add charm and color to the home. Adding some urns by the front door with foliage that matches your color scheme is another easy way to add curb appeal.


Keep the front entrance well manicured.

Make sure the walkway to the house is swept and maintained. Nobody wants the first steps toward their new home to be perilous. Replace any loose stones or bricks if necessary. Sweep leaves and grass cuttings away. Change light bulbs that are out and ensure the entrance is well lit, in case of evening showings.


These three simple tips will not cost a lot of money or time and your house will make a great first impression.


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