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Hello…It’s Me

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New Year’s Resolution: Get in shape! How do we look?

Exercise more. Eat healthier. Travel often. The new year’s resolutions are countless! At Brennan, we’re “watching our figure” and getting in shape for 2016— how are we looking?
Check out our team of seasoned professionals, here to help you every step of the way for all of your 2016 real estate “resolutions.” Take our very short survey at the bottom and tell us how we look!


Meet Our Real Estate Salespeople


Hi, I’m Angela.

“With my experience as a landlord and a tenant, I understand the nuances of both buying and selling. With that understanding I am able to make people comfortable and show them the value of working with a qualified agent.” [Read more]


barbaraHello! I’m Barbara.

“Buying and selling property is a big deal! It can be exciting but also cause anxiety without the right guidance. I’m there for my clients 100%. No one will work harder to help you navigate through the process to a successfully closed deal.” [Read more]

betsyHey there! I’m Betsy.

“Buying a home is probably the single biggest investment one can make. I will tirelessly work on your behalf to get you the home you love that will increase in value for many years to come.” [Read more]


dawnI’m Dawn!

“I was drawn to Brennan for the intimate one on one experience they provide their clients–when you hire a Brennan sales agent, you are getting a team of support behind that professional.” [Read more]


jillianHi, I’m Jillian!

“My objective is to ensure that my clients feel confident and informed throughout the entire process. My clients know that I sympathize with their concerns, from first time home buyers, to developers and multi-asset investors.” [Read more]


richardHi, I’m Richard. 

“I am not only focused on the details but the big picture as well. It’s not just a home being bought or sold—it’s part of a community and a neighborhood and so on. Only when all factors are considered can there be a success for my clients.” [Read more]


tiffany3Hey, I’m Tiffany!

“I give my clients the sharpest edge they can muster through proper market positioning. Like a well-sharpened knife in skilled hands, they’re always prepared and ready to act with great precision.” [Read more]

Say Hello to Our Administrative Professionals

jolantaHello! My name is Jola.

Account & Finance Manager
“I’m passionate about accounting and dream about deepening my education in that field. I’m a hard working person, self motivated and don’t give up easily. I enjoy improving in all areas.” [Read more]

samanthaWhat’s up? I’m Samantha. 

Executive Coordinator
“Anybody can have a house, but when a person finds their home, it’s priceless. My team can foster opportunities for those who may not have been able to do it on their own.”  [Read more]

telisaYou can call me TeLisa. 

Social Media Strategist
“Doing BIG things and doing GREAT things, isn’t always the same thing. Life is much more rewarding when these 2 things meet!” [Read more]

donaldBrennan. Donald Brennan.

Owner & Real Estate Broker
For over twenty years, Donald Brennan has built a career founded on his expertise in architecture, experience as a New York City developer, and his in-depth understanding of the real estate landscape. [Read more]

And Last But Not Least…

PickleMy human calls me Pickle. 

Pawsitive Outreach Specialist?
“Real estate can be wuff. That’s why I’m here to give my undivided attention to my team when… Excuse me, I smell bacon.”

Tell us how we look in our 3 question survey!

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