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5 Seller Tips – Sell faster, and for more money, in 2015

These great tips can help you get the results you want: to sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time.

1. Stage your home so buyers are ready to move in.
Buyers will have an emotional response of some kind when they see your home for the first time. The feeling you want to leave them with is, “This could be my home.” Achieve this by making your home’s exterior stand out, and by staging the interior.

• Tidy up the outside of your home, and make sure the windows are clean.
• Keep your sidewalks and hallways clear.
• If you live in a house that is not in a historic landmark district, consider painting your front door a cheery color and spruce up your landscaping so your home really 
stands out.
• Remove personal mementos like family photos, religious decor, and knick-knacks that clutter shelves or 
counter tops, so buyers aren’t distracted by your decor or personal taste.
• Hire a professional cleaning company to come once weekly during the selling process.
• Open all the window treatments during the day, to make sure your home is as well-lit as possible. If showing 
at night, add plenty of floor lamps or desk lamps to make your home look warm and inviting.

2. Price it right.
If you’re planning to price your property high and bring down your price gradually, think again. Homes receive four times the traffic in the first two weeks after listing, so a property lagging on the market can be a red flag to today’s buyers. Think about the eager buyers who will see your home in “Just listed” ads across the web and in email alerts, and offer them a fair price right away. The feeling of getting early showings or an offer will far outweigh the feeling of an offer that comes after you’ve lowered your price a month later.

Don’t assume you’ll get multiple offers and your choice of well-qualified buyers. Be realistic about how your home will be received, and you could end up selling sooner. To make sure you price your home right, obtain a comparative market analysis of recently sold properties relevant to your home’s size, location, and condition. Together, you and your 
agent will work to find a price that matches the local norm, while taking into 
account your home’s individual features and upgrades.

3. Don’t over-upgrade.
Many large, expensive remodeling projects simply don’t pay off when you sell your home, so remodeling a whole room is just not worth the time and money. Instead, complete small, inexpensive updates that will help you get top dollar for your home.

Paint boldly colored walls to a more neutral palette, and paint over any scuff marks on white walls. Instead of buying new kitchen appliances, consider painting the cabinets white, and add modern cabinet hardware and light fixtures. Rather than replacing your avocado green toilet and sink, go stark 
white on all walls and add a funky vintage vibe with your shower curtain and bathroom artwork.

4. Be ready for a showing at any time.
Today’s buyers are excited and competitive. They may be willing to drop everything in order to see your home the minute it comes across their screen. Here’s how to stay ready:

• Clean your home after every meal and between laundry days. Don’t leave for work, or even a quick trip to the store, without making sure your home could be toured before you return.
• Add a lockbox to your front door, so buyers’ agents can come into the home even when your agent is not available for a showing.
• Ask your agent to hold a “Broker Open House,” which allows buyer’s agents to preview your property before bringing their client through your home. If an agent returns with their client, your home likely has the basic features the buyer is looking for.

5. Trust your agent.
Selecting the right agent is extremely important. You should hire an agent who has not only had great success in working with local sellers, but who also matches your style of communication. Ask your agent what makes them the right fit for selling your home, and have them walk you through the process of pricing your home before signing a listing agreement. Once you sign the contract, trust your agent to advocate for you in the market, and to negotiate on your behalf with potential buyers and their agent representatives.

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